Low-Cost Dental Care

The Tidewater Dental Association understands that low-income families and individuals face many barriers to accessing dental care. Therefore, we advocate for those in need by partnering with local clinics and community outreach programs to provide financial and volunteer support. There are several low-cost dental clinics in the Tidewater area as well as several community outreach programs.

Area Dental Clinics
Dental Access to Care Programs in Hampton Roads

Chesapeake Care Free Clinic

  • (757) 201-9867
  • website: www.chesapeakecare.org
  • contact person: Kristin Domingue KDomingue@chesapeakecare.org

Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic

• 664 Lincoln Street, Portsmouth
• (757) 397-1466
• Website: www.hrchc.org
• contact person: Ms. Ginger Melton

Park Place Dental Clinic

• (757) 683-2692
• Jennifer Goodwin, Executive Director • Website: www.parkplaceclinic.org

Peninsula Institute for Community Health

• six primary care sites
• website: www.pich.org/pages/locations.html

Western Tidewater Free Clinic

Dental Coordinator: Kristie Chester

• Volunteer Coordinator: April Adkison

• aadkison@Wtfreeclinic.org

• 757-923-1060 Ext. 7019

Community Outreach Events

Give Kids a Smile

Project Homeless Connect